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As the Summer heat and humidity continues to rise in Bangalore, it is difficult to keep skin looking fresh and makeup intact. If you are being vexed by greasy and sweaty skin, these makeup tips will give you the helping hand you need.

makeup artist bangalore

Make Sunscreen Your Best Friend

Constant and direct exposure to sun can cause unwanted tan and make your skin feel itchy and burnt not to mention the risk of skin cancer. Sunscreen therefore should be always kept handy and be your best friend throughout the sunny weather. Apply it before you go out and reapply it every three or four hours.

Substitute Lipstick With Lip Balm

Why lip balm you ask? It supplies the correct moisture to keep your lips looking balmy and soft. And your lips need room to breathe too. Make sense? Yet, if you feel you can’t do without your favorite lipstick, run a quick coat of your lip balm over the lipstick after you apply it.

Seek Waterproof Makeup

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You never know when it is going to drizzle and yes, waterproof makeups can give the much needed protection when the skin becomes sweaty. Be it eyeliners, mascaras or foundations, seek waterproof products and ditch the traditional products this summer.

Keep A Pick-Me-Up Spritz Handy

Summer heat can make your skin look dull and tired. The quickest way to avoid a dull looking skin is to pick a spritz and spray it on your face. You can use a tissue to dab your skin and viola! You have a glowing fresh skin! Try this every time your skin feels lifeless.

Dust Powders Onto Lashes Before Applying Mascara

Mascaras can give your eyes all the attention you need but it can be annoying when it gets all over your sweaty eyes. Dust some powder before you run your mascara onto your lashes to avoid the catastrophe.

Carry Wet Wipes Wherever You Go

Secretion of oil from your skin and sweat can collect dust which can cause allergy and ruin your makeup. Make it a point to carry wet wipes whenever you step out of your house. You can reapply sunscreen or moisturizer after each wipe.

Put A Hand Sanitizer Into Your Pouch

For those with sweaty hands the problem becomes even worse in summer. To keep germs at bay and your palms feeling fresh, choose a hand sanitizer with a good scent and use it whenever needed.

Summers can be fun to try out different makeup if you know how to master the tips. But keep in mind that less is more. Go for less makeup as far as possible and choose light colors to look fresh.

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Dry skin can cause temporary problems for some while for others it is permanent. It can get tricky especially if the skin in your face is dry. But having a dry skin doesn’t necessarily mean you can never have a glowing complexion. Try out these pro tips on how to apply makeup dry skin.

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Moisturize before you apply any makeup

The reason why your makeup ends up looking like a cracked cake is due to lack of moisture. If your skin isn’t moist enough, you cannot achieve the results you want. Start by cleansing your face with facial products especially made for dry skin and apply moisturizer four to five minutes before you apply any makeup.

Use brush to apply foundation

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Dry skin can cause irritation and make the skin look blemished. Look for a creamy foundation or blemish concealer whenever you buy one and apply it with a brush. Avoid the temptation to use fingers.

Choose creamy eye shadow and blush

To avoid your makeup to cake up on your dry face, always go for creamy eye shadow and blush. Avoid the powdered ones.

Apply liquid eyeliner

Avoid eye pencils as it can make your wrinkles stand out and add to fine lines. Go for liquid eyeliners instead to draw attention away from the lines around the eyes. Just make sure to replace the eye liner every three months.

Go for only light dusting of powder

Powders are just for finishing touch. After you apply your makeup use a large brush to dust loose powder onto your brow liner or mascara. This will keep your makeup intact.

Exfoliate your skin

If your skin is super dry it won’t hold moisture. Every once a week or so, exfoliate your lips and skin with mixture of honey and sugar. Honey will keep your skin hydrated while sugar will exfoliate the dry skin.

Avoid matte lipstick

Matte lipsticks are a big NO as it contributes to dry lips. Choose lip gloss or plain lipstick instead for a juicer looking lips.

Go for nice old Vaseline

Vaseline is best for those fighting to keep their lips moisturized. Dab Vaseline onto your fingers and apply it on your lips any time it feels chapped. You can apply it even before you go to bed.

Keep a toner handy

Whenever you travel or go out, always have a hydrating toner handy. Spray it over makeup to keep your skin balanced.

Apply liquid highlighter

For a dewy look, choose a liquid highlighter and dab few drops on your cheekbones. It will make your skin appear less dull.

Having a dry skin can’t be that bad if you know how to take care of it. Follow these pro tips for a glowing skin.

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